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Thursday, May 05, 2011

High Tech for Gardeners

I'm beginning to suspect that a lot of gardeners are getting seriously tech-savvy lately, and what's more, manufacturers and retailers are taking note. If you are at all so inclined, you should check out an article in today's NY Times by Farhad Manjoo discussing an assortment of high-tech tools for the garden. He covers everything from climate-sensitive irrigation control to Roomba-like lawn mowers to (my personal favorite and something I might actually invest in) squirrel-and-other-rodent deterrents. Although I've generally avoided bringing anything electronic into my garden other than my mp3 player, some of these tools may actually be worth the price.

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  1. I think the closest thing to a high tech gadget in my garden is the irrigation controller.

    I'm think once you start using to many high tech gadgets, that they will actually spoil the enjoyment you get from working in your own garden.

  2. As an engineer who's worked in high tech for years, gardening is the last place i actually *want* tech. It's how I unwind - my garden is my zen place. I do have a drip irrigation system with a timer, but that's about as far as I'll go :)


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