An Alameda Garden: Still More Pumpkin--100-ft. Diet Challenge Meal #4

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Still More Pumpkin--100-ft. Diet Challenge Meal #4

My 100-ft. diet challenge is currently suffering from both a lack of time and a lack of home-grown ingredients. Apparently, my standing over the teeny-tiny little green shoots in my backyard yelling "Grow!" has no effect whatsoever.

So without anything green to work with, I'm still trying to find creative ways to use the pumpkin puree I still have. This time I opted for pumpkin-banana bread. The only home-grown ingredient is the pumpkin. Everything else was store-bought, although the banana was organic.

I'm beginning to see the real challenge of local eating: if you don't plan ahead, you can't do it. And I don't mean planning in the sense of planning menus for the week. I mean that if you aren't planting, harvesting and preserving months ahead of time, you should be planning on losing lots and lots of weight during the winter. Even in a climate as mild as the San Francisco Bay Area, it's not easy growing food during the winter.

Read about the previous week's meal here.

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  1. You might try saying "grow" in a gentler, more encouraging tone of voice. Studies have proven this works! Plants thrive on niceness. ;-)

    Anyway, way to go on still hanging in there with the 100' diet thing!


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