An Alameda Garden: One Gardener Planting Seeds for the Future

Monday, January 14, 2008

One Gardener Planting Seeds for the Future

There's a really moving article in the S.F. Chronicle today about a Redwood City gardener named Catalino Tapia, who started a scholarship fund to help struggling college students. The Board of Directors is composed of other gardeners and they've solicited donations from among their clients. Since some national news outlets picked up on the story, more than $137,000 in donations have poured in, all of which will go directly to scholarships (the foundation is seeking grant money to cover administrative costs).

Tapia, who only got as far as the sixth grade, is particularly touched by the donations sent in by children:
"The gestures of these children are going to tear out my heart. They have such goodwill, and they have parents who are teaching them hacer el bien sin ver a quien," said Tapia, quoting an old saying of his native Mexico, which translates roughly, but not as poetically, as "do good, even if you can't see who will benefit."
If you'd like to learn more or make a donation, go to

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