An Alameda Garden: First Blush and a Second Try

Saturday, August 19, 2006

First Blush and a Second Try

The volunteer tomatoes, which appear to be Roma, are finally starting to color up. The three plants don't have much fruit at all so far--not much more than a dozen tomatoes on each plant, and only a few more flowers. Pretty slim pickings compared to past years. I don't like tomatoes, so I say this with much less disappointment than most tomato-growers would feel. Still, it would be nice to get enough to pass on to friends and family and still make a bit of sauce to freeze.

I have tried a couple times to grow Roma bush beans and each time the results have been dismal--small, stunted bushes with just a few itty-bitty, curled up beans. Now I'm trying Roma pole beans (recently delivered from Pinetree Garden Seeds). I planted two 5-gallon containers with the seeds a week ago and another five poles of them in the ground in between the roses. The ones in the ground are barely making an appearance, but those in the containers are growing well. I should be able to harvest beans by early October, which would give them about a full month to keep producing before the weather significantly cools.

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  1. Growing pole and bush beans myself, but yours already looking better! Next time I am going to invest in some 5 gallon pots and try that way.

    Great blog, by the way! Lots of great tips and musing for us Bay Area gardeners. I am working on my first garden, in a very shade spot between two apartments, so I am not setting my expectations very high. Anyway, it's fun to read about your experiences. Keep it up!


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