An Alameda Garden: Battle for the Hibiscus

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Battle for the Hibiscus

Now I know where all the aphids went when I chased them off of my roses by blasting them with the hose. They just regrouped all over my hibiscus--and they brought friends. It looks like there may be scale, mealy bugs, and whitefly there as well. These aren't responding at all to blasts from the hose--doesn't phase them in the least.

I've been considering re-locating the hibiscus anyway, so now may be the time. I think I'll dig it up and pot it and quarantine it for a while until I get the bug problem under control. The climbing rose I just bought will probably do better in that spot anyway.

I guess I'll need to get some kind of insecticidal soap or horticultural oil to use on the hibiscus. Or does anyone out there have a home remedy that really works?


  1. Its always good to try new things when problems occur.I just read a page that says cut off and burn badly effected plant parts, and then spray with soapy water twice a week.I guess it must be a sweet smelling plant to attract them, like my orange roses.The ladybirds have dissapeared now.I want some french marigolds when i get paid!

  2. I tried two rounds of ladybugs and they didn't help. What finally got rid of my massive aphid infestation was drenching the plants with soapy water (I used dish washing liquid) and a bit of vegetable oil. Just mixed it all up in my watering can. This saved an entire bed of daylilies.


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